Clear Skin, White Smile, & a Sexy Bodayy in FIVE MINUTES!

Hello Honey Boo Boo Babies!!

TGIF! If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is teeming with everyone’s “turn-up”, date night, and every imaginable fun activity ever invented, pictures.

Ever heard the saying: “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done”? Well it’s true, and the basis for today’s post. Living the fab life requires a weekend of a different variety.  What if I told you that a 5 minute tweak to your weekend could earn you CLEAR SKIN, A WHITE SMILE, and a smokin’ bod? Stayed tuned friends.


1.)  Be honest. How much time do you really spend brushing your teeth on a typical Monday morning? Exactly. That’s what I thought. And for the shameful reader sheepishly wondering if I’m watching you because you read this article before you brushed your teeth… two things. Number one, I AM WATCHING YOU and number two…brush your teeth. The weekend is a great time to spend a few extra moments on those chompers. Take an extra moment to floss thoroughly and for those of you precocious little dentist’s pets who floss every morning… Screw you. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Finish off your weekend whitening routine with a 5 minute whitening gel or my special sauce for white teeth (here). BOOM! Sexy smile all week long honey babies!

2.) Remember Katy Perry’s, Hot n’ Cold? Five bucks says you never thought the secret to clear skin was hiding in that song. Actually five bucks doesn’t say that… a penny does. Bring water to a rolling boil and pour into a clean bowl of your choice. Hold your face over the steam with a towel over your head to open your pores. Blackheads? Follow up with Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser or Clinique’s gentle face wash for best results. Then lather on the lotion for SUPA CLEAN PORES, MY FRIENDS. Super clean. Faith, you say, I thought this was hot AND cold? BE PATIENT YOU BARBARIAN! Here’s the cold part. Fill  a  bowl with ice cold water and empty a tray of ice cubes into it.  Dunk your face to seal your pores, and banish puffiness. Tip: don’t try this with dirty skin…best recipe for a zit if there ever was one.

3.) Here’s your smoking hot body in five ladies and gents. I am God’s gift to the world. Do each exercise as fast as you can for one minute. For best results, don’t take a break between sets.

Ground Sprints- I hated them in track but nothing works to tuck up that tummy and lean your legs. This move should be called “running in plank position”. Why you ask? Because that’s what ya do, ya feel me? Be sure to keep your palms directly beneath your shoulders.

Power Squats- Start in standing position, lower yourself into a deep squat and explode up. Squatting tightens your booty tooty and an explosive vertical jump tones your thighs and flattens that tummy. You’re welcome.

Lunges- Take a deep lunge on your left leg, make sure your knees don’t pass your toes. You should be able to see your toes when lunging properly.  Now alternate and lunge with your right.  Once it feels comfortable, alternate with a little more power by jumping out of each lunge and into the next. Toned booty, toned thighs, and great cardio people. It doesn’t get any better.

Plank- Get in push up position and lower yourself onto your elbows. Drop one knee until it is almost touching the floor, alternate for one minute.  This active plank is great for your lower abs. No more muffin top for you, hot thing!

Booty Lift: To work abs and tighten your butt stay in push up position, kick your back leg straight up, alternate for one minute.  For a more booty focused workout, lower your knees to the ground and lift a bended knee as high as possible. Alternate for one minute.

There you have it! Five minutes to fabulous! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and let me know what your favorite tips were (@maishayote) and follow my blog for more fabulous-ness. Yes. That’s a word.



My First Workout: The reason you STILL don’t have the body of your dreams!

I’ll never forget the worst weekend in the history of my modeling pursuits. After months of anticipation and preparation, I auditioned for Oklahoma Fashion Week, and was elated to make the first and second round of cuts. What many people don’t know is that modeling is not as well paying as it may seem. Models are responsible for their travel expenses and typically receive little to no pay even for high profile jobs.

There is nothing like the sound of a tight zipper for a model, its the sound of money (coins, really) that you won’t earn, shows you won’t walk in, and fashion that you will not get to experience.To make a long story short arrived at the fitting only to find that my designer cut me from the show . At 5’9, 140lbs, I am not the skinniest girl you have ever seen but my collarbones and arms reveal that there isn’t much weight I can lose. Not only did the designer cut me from her show, I didn’t find out until after a wild night of model/designer parties as I was preparing for the show the next day.  After my experience I became serious about losing  weight, I tried a dramatic no carb diet. I lost six pounds in one week, but I was completely exhausted, grouchy, and hungry.

Fast forward to today, I am writing this from my car because my legs are too wobbly to trust yet. I met a personal trainer in my area for a free consultation, and in his words, “an idea of what the workout will be like”. I was very open about my expectations with Smiley, I explained that I wanted to lose  three inches off my hips, lose twenty pounds, and tone my inner thighs for the ever elusive thigh gap. By the end of our workout I thought I would faint. Smiley knew exactly how far to push me to make my dream body a reality.  In all my weight loss escapades, I had never had anyone that believed in my goals and understood my motivations and how to get me there. My body naturally maintains a generally slender size, but  I’m not willing to settle for “ok” when I can have exactly what I want.

Dr Phil has a mantra that I embrace when I set goals, “Be, Do, Have”. His mantra incorporates the three steps in achieving goals, “being” certain about what we want in life, “doing” what it takes, and “having” what we want. I love that there is no room for “finding out”, “trying”, or “thinking about”. Let’s face it, nothing is guaranteed.  In an instant, we could lose our opportunity live, let alone chase our dreams. When I realized that getting my career on track is a priority right now, I decided to reach for help and you should too.  It could make a world of difference.

I want to hear what your personal goals are, is there an expert you can bring into your  situation to accomplish your goal? I don’t mind sharing my journey to fab with you! Follow me on Instagram- @faithmutiri or Twitter- @fayfay1927.

Until next time, I have faith in your fab!