Sean’s 21 Day Challenge, Victoria Secret Prize? + S’mmmoooreesssss

As you know from my recent recipe posts, I have been making an effort to eat healthier. I must say that although I did consume the healthy meals I prepared and posted (and some I did not) I may or may not have binged on S’mores at 10:30 last night. 😦

I dropped by my sisters school to bring her a snack before basketball and found a measuring tape perched beneath a tree. As a former model (I quit my agency this year, yay!!) scales, and measuring tapes have an irresistible .lure to me. Of course I picked it up, and of course I kept it. I don’t even want to hear your complaints about it. I’m sure whatever little boy abandoned his measuring tape under a tree isn’t the next Ralph Lauren 🙂

To make a long story short, I gained a WHOPPING 4 and a half inches on my waist, and an inch and a fourth on my hips. I’m not even going to whine about the measly inch I gained on my bust. Somethings I will NEVER be complained about. I also read Sean Lowe’s (you may remember him as Catherine’s “beefcake” on the Bachelor) article on a twenty-one day challenge he’s starting. No brainer.

Sean’s challenge includes 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weight lifting, 5 days a week in addition to  a very healthy diet with no processed foods, red meats, or carbs after three (+ six meals a day!). Find more details about Sean’s challenge here! I’m so in! And I’ll be blogging the next 21 days RIGHT HERE! (

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  (7 is my lucky number!)  Get ready for the before & after pictures, I can’t wait to kick my own butt! And BTW I’ve decided to reward a successful completion of the 21 day challenge with an awesome VS pushup sports bra,a  pair of Nike pros, and Nike freeruns.

If you’re joining the challenge and reading my blog use the hashtags, #Seans21DayChallenge & #FaithFightsFat

-Off to the gym, xoxo



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